What To Do When The Unexpected Happens!

Zach —  June 4, 2013 — Leave a comment

Hello and welcome back!

(I have posted this same post on zachmalott.com so that all of my readers will be on the same page.  If you read both blogs, I apologize for the redundancy).

It’s good to see you again, however, I would prefer better circumstances!

I am writing this post during my second day in ICU at Lincoln County Medical Center (LCMC) in Ruidoso, New Mexico.  I was stricken by what appeared to be a heart attack and later on found to be an Ileus (intestinal obstruction) and possible internal bleeding.

Heart attack or intestinal obstruction and internal bleeding?  Hmmm, let me think.

I think I will choose bowel obstruction and internal bleeding, thank you very much! 🙂

I apologize for being away from posting for so long, but daily duties of ministry have kept me inordinately busy. Now that I am resting comfortably (finally!) here in the hospital on my vacation, I am on my trusty iPad again! I must say, winding up in the hospital this past Sunday morning at 8:30 was unexpected to say the least!

What happened?

It started with a disoriented feeling, followed by an intense and increasing, dull pain behind my breast bone.  In a few seconds, the pain had moved a little lower and I began to sweat profusely (more like I had just climbed out of a swimming pool depressed in my suit!). Then, the nausea hit like a ton of bricks from a two story building! When I arrived at the hospital, the doctor took the proper precautions for a heart attack.

After many tests and xrays, it was discovered not the be heart involvement but, rather, an intestinal blockage.  Thankfully it wasn’t a heart attack but an intestinal obstruction – so they have been treating me for that.

Enter, the fever.

After all seemed to be going well, I was found to be experiencing a low grade fever that managed to become middle grade within a few hours.  This led to more blood test which turned up a problem with my blood.  I was losing it! My blood volume had dropped significantly in a short period of time.  Tests did not reveal any occult blood so the mystery continues this Tuesday, June 4th, 2013.

My third day in hospital continuing, I am asking for prayer from my readers that the doctors discover the cause and repair it unless God decides to handle it supernaturally, as we all know He can do! At this point, it would be foolish to presume and say that I will be posting on topic soon, so I will just say, “If it’s Almighty God’s will, I shall be posting on topic soon!”

I , God willing, aspire to sharing many posts and spiritual edifications for years to come. As I was lying here in bed last night and the nurse had just finished drawing another series of blood draws, I formulated the title for this post and prepared a brief outline.

Below, are three main things a Christian needs to do when the unexpected happens:

1.  TURN TO GOD IN PRAYER – Don’t forget to praise Him and worship Him.  It is so easy to slip into the me,me,me asking for things and forgetting that we were created for the express purpose of worshiping and praising our God.

2.  BE A POSITIVE WITNESS – Remember who you belong to and who you are representing.  Be the reflection of Jesus the Christ.  Regardless of your unexpected situation, you represent the King of Kings, The Lord of Lords!  He is in total control so reflect His image and show a lost world your complete faith and complete confidence in His work on the cross and His promises!

3.  BE CONCERNED FOR OTHERS OVER YOURSELF – remember to care about and pray unceasingly for others.  When we put others above ourselves, we are truly walking closer in our relationship to Jesus!

Here’s thanking you all in advance for your prayers!

God willing, until next time!


Question:  Are you putting the needs of others above yourself?



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