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Zach —  January 29, 2013 — 2 Comments

Things have changed outside of my study window.  I woke up to falling, blowing snow!  I had just pulled up the blog on my laptop and was ready to write today’s blog post when a scene out of my window caught my eye.  A small deer was rubbing noses with my neighbor’s dog.  Nothing unusual about that, I suppose but still, it kept coming back into my mind.

As I turned back to my monitor, it hit me—the deer and the dog.  They were interested in checking one another out.  There was no fighting or intimidation, just a natural curiosity about the other.  It was beautiful.  What had hit me was that they reminded me of two different worldviews.  I was captivated by that thought and this post is the outward expression of that thought.

“Amazing,” I thought, “two, completely different animals (worldviews) tentatively investigating the other!”  As I thought about that for a moment, I caught movement out my window and looked to see both the small deer and the dog walking side by side around the side of an embankment.

I thought to myself, “That is how I will describe the subjectivity of worldviews today!  Like the deer and my neighbor’s dog, both of them from different concepts about the world but willing to acknowledge the other.  When we understand other peoples worldviews, perhaps we can really appreciate our own even more!

If you have been keeping up with the blog posts, you know that we are about to begin looking into the worldview, human secularism.  Before we go any further, how about we take a look at a chart that will allow you to determine for yourself what your personal worldview is?  Sound good?

The following links open in another window so when finished just click off of that window to return here.  Ok then, take a break in your reading and I will wait for you to return.  Look over the chart ,answer the questions, follow the arrows, and you will find your worldview.  Ok –get ready, get set, click…What’s Your Worldview?

Welcome back!  Well, now you have an idea of what your worldview is and what it is called.  I have another chart I would like you to look over.     Worldview Comparison Chart.    After you see what your worldview believes in, come back !

If you clicked on the two links above and followed the instructions, you have a pretty good idea of what your personal worldview is.  Many people already know their worldview but many more do not.  This exercise is to get you ready to investigate the various worldviews and what they believe.

Next post, we will consider the worldview of human secularism.  I look forward to investigating with you!

Until then!



Question:  What was your worldview?  What are your thoughts on it?





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  • Dallas Swoager

    I was looking through the diagram that you posted up, and though it is not my worldview (I came up with Christian Theist, go figure) the one I found most interesting was the illustration that came out on Agnosticism. That cycle that you get locked in when when you are confronted with meaning is pretty accurate to how I felt before I came to Christ. I think that it also most accurately conveys the idea of your blog title. If I had taken that survey through my twenties, I probably would have had a different answer every 6 months, or for that matter depending on my mood. I also think that is the reason that many true agnostics will self identify as atheists. To be a true agnostic is to tread water in an infinite ocean, but to claim atheism is to at least tell yourself that you have some ground to stand on.

    • Pastor Zach Malott

      I agree with the “treading water” analogy. I feel that most atheists are truely agnostic; either that, or reluctant to turn to God because there are objective truths that would require a lifestyle change. Each individual must decide their own motivations and make their own decisions.

      Those are interesting charts–not complicated and very helpful for those not familiar with worldviews and are not complicated for the non-academically inclined. This site is designed to progress from an explanation of worldviews, an overview of the most common worldviews in the 21st century, then comparing and contrasting each worldview in order to present their pros and cons in terms of providing answers to life’s largest questions. Besides that, this site is to provide insight into how to find hope and purpose in life.

      Thank you so much for your interest in this blog and keep posting. You could prove quite valuable in helping others evaluate the pros and cons of worldviews.